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To celebrate our new name and our new website we have special group courses!

Kick start your Dutch: intensive weekend course in Amsterdam

Are you interested in learning Dutch?

Would you like to do your grocery shopping in Dutch?

Would you like to understand your Dutch colleagues?

Would you like to get to know the Dutch?

Here is the perfect solution for you: register for our kickstart Dutch weekend course.

This way you make a start learning Dutch and getting to know other students who are in the same circumstances.

When: May 31 and June1 from 10.00 to 17.00

Where: Pilotenstraat 74 Amsterdam

Costs: € 330,00 Euro(Dutch Lunch, coffee and tea is included in the price)

Course objectives: Building basic vocabulary; forming simple sentences; asking

and answering questions; practicing everyday situations.

Lesson material: is included, bring in your laptop so that you can work with several language c.d-rom’s and our vocabulary learning tool.

For questions and registration: info@learnthelanguage.nl


New!: Expats Partner Programme. 15 x 2 hour lessons

Get to know other people living in similar circumstances. At our offices in Abcoude and Amsterdam we organize a special partner programme for the partners of expats. These group courses (4-8 participants) are especially developed for the partners of expats so that they can feel at home and easily find their way in the Netherlands as well. During the course we focus on Dutch culture and language.

Get into contact with us for the details of these special programmes!

New!: Evening course ‘Dutch for Beginners’ Group Course. 15 x 2 hour lessons

Get into contact with us for the details of this special programme!

New!: Doing a Dutch course at your home! For families with children 15 x 2 hour lessons

To leave home to attend a Dutch course while you have children can be a problem. We found the solution for this. We organize Dutch courses at your home.  So you don’t have to leave your house and arrange a babysit.  If you and your partner can get another couple to join you, we come to your home and teach you there. This way the class will be as comfortable for you as possible and highly flexible and personal.

New! Private Group Course With Friends!

You can also arrange a private group course together with your friends. If you have 4 friends(minimum) together, we can come to your home and teach you and your friends there. This way the class will be highly personal and flexible.

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