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Tina Turner

maart 07, 2020
In Tuxedo and flipflops at the swimmingpool

In Tuxedo and flipflops at the swimmingpool



proud of my son!

proud of my son!

/>Tina Turner’s Musical Premiere and and my son Tim’s Swimming Exam in one go!

Musicals: As you may know I worked with the cast of musicals like The Lion King, Anastasia and at the moment I work at Tina Turner the Musical. I help the performers with their language skills and make sure that the rhythm and intonation of their lines are how they should be.
I took my mum with me to the premiere of Tina Turner the Musical to see the show and admire my students Nyassa(Tina) and Brandon(Tina’s father). What a great show it was. Proud of my students!
Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay partying with everyone.
During the encore at 18.00, we left the theatre in Utrecht to go to our next event. We challenged the storm Ciara and we took the train that luckily enough still went. 40 minutes later we were at the swimming pool to cheer for my son, Tim who had to swim for his A-exam. I bet they haven’t seen many people in their Tuxedo at the swimming pool before 🙂
Proud of him for passing the exam gloriously!
Both events were great and I wouldn’t have liked to miss one of them!

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