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Culture Training

All our courses are offered as online courses as well!

Research has shown that the inability to adapt to the host culture is among the most cited reasons for relocation failure.

This is why our culture courses equip individuals with the knowledge and skills that will help them adjust to their new lives abroad. Additionally, the role of culture in international business is crucial. One small misunderstanding could ruin or delay months of work.

Our culture courses are designed to help to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust between international clients.

Understanding the Dutch

The ultimate goal of this training is to make it easier for you to understand and work with the Dutch. The course introduces Dutch habits and behavior and seeks to explain the underlying values that drive Dutch culture.  Participants will learn effective communication strategies to use with the Dutch as well as ways to avoid misunderstandings.

Working with a Foreign Culture: Country Culture Specific Courses

These courses are custom designed around the cultures that our clients would like to study. The aim of these culture courses is to provide clients with a basic understanding of the norms and values of the designated culture. Additionally, the course seeks to provide information over the possible impact on work and social life. A knowledge of the etiquette or protocol associated with areas such as meeting and greeting, dining, gift giving, exchanging business cards, arranging meetings and conducting negotiations. It also offers tips on how to increase chances of success when doing business in the target country.

Working with an International Team

This course provides insight and understanding of how cross cultural and intercultural issues manifest in the workplace, coaching on skills such as communication, time management, assertiveness and conflict resolution, providing guidance on how to leverage cultural differences and maximize the potential of a multicultural team.

Your Training program

We can provide culture training as a presentation, workshop or course…… To accommodate your schedule, Our culture training is offered in various forms:  courses, workshops and presentations.

You don’t see the workshop you would like to do? Contact us anyway!

We are happy to design a training program that is right for your company!

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In order to feel at home in a new country and being able to communicate with the new people you meet there, you have to be able to speak their language and understand their culture, values and habits. We organize trainings that help you adjust to your new lives abroad and make sure that you can communicate with the locals.

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