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At the moment I also coach the cast of the Musical Tina Turner!

I work with the cast on their language skills and make sure that the rhythm and intonation of their lines are how they should be.  I do not only work with the international cast members but also with some of the Dutch ones.

 Connect with the Dutch

Research has shown that the inability to adapt to the host culture is among the most cited reasons for relocation failure. Our language courses make sure that you can connect with the Dutch in their own language so that you can start feeling at home in the Netherlands as soon as possible.

Dutch language courses

We specialize in custom-designed Dutch courses. Language learners may choose from a wide variety of training options. We offer training programs for all levels of competence: from beginner to advanced. Our  language courses are learner specific. We can structure the course very closely to the learners’ level. Consequently the content and curriculum of each course is dependent upon the learner’s needs and desires.

On the basis of a written test and an intake interview, teachers adapt their lessons to the specific needs and wishes of the students, Click here for a chart of general guidelines for determining a student’s level.

Frequency and length of the course

Clients may select long-term training programs with weekly sessions, or shorter, intensive training programs of up to six hours per day. Learners may participate in a group course or private, highly-individualized sessions. Shorter trainings such as language workshops and presentations are also available. Clients may select long-term training programs with weekly sessions of adjustable frequency, or shorter, intensive training programs of up to six hours per day.

Lesson material

To ensure that each course is relevant and efficient, our instructors use a wide variety of language learning materials. Course objectives and activities are adapted to fit the learner’s goals. Additionally, courses can be modified to focus specifically on business-related topics and skills.

Your personalized app

Our lesson methods and material are modern. During our trainings we use a blended-learning approach. Next to explanations and exercises in class. Our students can use a personalized app with their own vocabulary and exercises so that they can practice on their phone , laptop or I-pad wherever they are.


We can arrange courses in-company or even at your house if you would like to.
We can also arrange courses at our location in Abcoude or in Amsterdam.

Communication Training Programs and Workshops

Providing long-term language training to employees is not always a realistic option. Consequently, we offer shortened language training seminars that provide the benefits of language training to clients with limited time and resources. We arrange workshops like:

  • Writing Skills
  • Minutes and reports
  • Presentation skills
  • Tips for effective language use

You don’t see the workshop you would like to do? Contact us anyway!

We are happy to design a training program that is right for your company!

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In order to feel at home in a new country and being able to communicate with the new people you meet there, you have to be able to speak their language and understand their culture, values and habits. We organize trainings that help you adjust to your new lives abroad and make sure that you can communicate with the locals.

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