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Language Workshops and Presentations

No company can do without effective communication. However providing long-term language training to employees is not always realistic. Consequently,  We offer abbreviated training seminars for clients with limited time and resources.

Here you find some of the workshops that we offer:


  • Dutch Writing Skills
  • Dutch Presentation Skills
  • Dutch Language Tips
  • Grammar and Spelling Training
  • The Past, Present and Future of the Dutch Language 


  • Writing for Business English
  • English Presentation Skills
  • English Language Tips
  • Grammar and Spelling Training

General Language and Communication

Language Tips for Dutch and English

Culture Workshops

  • Non-verbal Communication in Multi-Cultural Teams
  • Working in a Multi-National Team
  • Building Culture Awareness
  • Introduction to Dutch Values, Habits and Behaviour.
  • Doing Business Abroad: Country Specific Lectures

(like Understanding the Belgians, Indians, French Russian etc.)

You don’t see the workshop you would like to do? Contact us anyway!

We are happy to design a training program that is right for your company!


Learn the Language Training Options


Training Type




30 hours

Combination of lectures, focused exercises and individualized training


2 hours

 Informative presentation followed by question and answer session.

½ Day Workshop

4 hours

Informative presentation combined with interactive group exercises.

Full Day Workshop

8 hours

Informative presentation combined with individual exercises, interactive group exercises and group discussions.


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About Us

In order to feel at home in a new country and being able to communicate with the new people you meet there, you have to be able to speak their language and understand their culture, values and habits. We organize trainings that help you adjust to your new lives abroad and make sure that you can communicate with the locals.

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