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    Bob provided language training in Dutch for my wife and me as well as number of colleagues in Makro C&C Netherlands. He gave very good understanding of the Dutch grammar, words and structure. Moreover Bob can provide good insights on the Dutch culture and environment. Thus the language class became more then a mere grammar and words exercise. I was happy to work with him and my Dutch language skills improved a lot.

    Milen Gentchev
    CFO Makro Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands: Will your neighbours welcome you in the neighbourhood?

februari 04, 2014

Moving to the Netherlands: Will your neighbours welcome you in the neighbourhood?

You move into your new home in the Netherlands. Will your neighbours pass by with home made cookies or a cake to welcome you to the neighbourhood?

Probably not. The Dutch are sensitive about invading your privacy. They have seen you moving in and they assume that you are far too busy to be bothered talking to them. They will leave you on your own and they will not introduce themselves to you.

What they expect however, is that you will introduce yourselves to them when you are settled in. You are the newcomer in the neighbourhood and according to the Dutch you should introduce yourselves to them or even invite them for a drink to get acquainted. So this is definitely why a lot of expats don’t have contact with their neighbours. Your neighbours are waiting for you to introduce yourselves and they are waiting for an invitation( to drink a cup of coffee or tea) to get acquainted but unfortunately you didn’t know this. As you see expectations can get in the way of having a good neighbour!

A Dutch proverb states:It is better to have a good neigbour than a far friend( Beter een goede buur dan een verre vriend) Hope you can have that good neighbour!

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