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Why do many Dutch always say ‘why/ waarom??’ when they are asked to do something instead of just doing it?

januari 24, 2014

The Dutch assume everyone is equal. The boss/manager has no more rights or privileges then his employees. So no special parking place and he will have to wait in line for food in the canteen as well. In line with this equality principal the Dutch don’t like direct orders. They hate the feeling to be told what to do. They want to make up their own mind. This is why they like the idea of being involved in the decision making process. They have to understand why something has to be done because if it doesn’t make sense to them, they don’t like acting upon it. When they are involved in the decision making process and can make suggestions, they are willing to back decisions and take action.

You even see this equality principle in the vocabulary the Dutch use. Instead of the word ‘werknemer’/employee they prefer to use the word ‘medewerker’/coworker. Stressing the fact that all the people you work with are equal.

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